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Are you interested in volunteering with Assist WI? We always love welcoming new volunteers to our team!

Active volunteer: 

Volunteers will be paired with families with unique needs. Each assist will be different, depending on specific needs of the family. Some volunteer responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: transferring individuals to and from wheelchairs, transporting individuals, serving as a guide on a hike, assisting families with tasks such as carrying bags and pushing wheelchairs, going on a bike ride with someone using a hand cycle, acting as a positive influence and facilitating family bonding. Qualifications include energetic personality, pleasant manners, patience, adaptability, dependability and eagerness to make a difference.

Behind the scenes volunteer:

Volunteers will be asked to use their own special talents to help our organization learn and grow. Any and all talents are welcome! Examples of positions may be: training specialists, outreach coordinators, legal team, financial specialists, advertising, social media, etc.


Adventureship Opportunities

This summer we are looking for 6 individuals to work closely with our organization. This is similar to an internship instead we call it an adventureship = giving you experience and assisting us, in many ways. Learn more about the specifics and qualifications of the adventureship.

Spend two days per week facilitating adaptive activities and accessibility during family visits to Wisconsin Dells! Participate in building the strategic solutions that make the excitement of attractions, amusement and water parks and the outdoor activities accessible and inclusive. Every family should be able to come to the Dells and enjoy leisure and excitement together!

During your summer in Wisconsin Dells you will be tasked with a self-led project. This will be determined by the interests and skill set of the student. We will match each participating student with a project that maximizes their potential and grows Assist WI. There are many projects in the hopper, so we will have no shortage of work. We will check in and ensure that there has been progress made, but micromanagement only diminishes the potential of our student partners. We will encourage the students to chronicle their work so that in future formal education, these projects and their summer with Assist WI in general can be used to meet project requirements.

We have a long list of businesses partners eager to employ the brightest kids in America! We know how important summer income is to students and want to make sure that balance is held between obligations. Also, we offer lodging placements for students looking for a low/no cost alternative. Don't be alarmed, you'll be staying in a big house with some really nice people! We will give you an opportunity to get acquainted beforehand and avoid any situation that might make a student uncomfortable. Our community has given a warm embrace of support to our organization and these same individuals are eager to contribute in this capacity.

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